Skeletor-Man (2016)

Skeletor-Man Figure – Felix Yin (2016)

Have you every seen an illustration that just resonates with you? How about one where you just wantto be able to hold the subject of the illustration in your hands as physical object?

That’s the feeling I got the first time I saw Christopher Lee’s art at Designer Con and it’s the same feeling I get today when I see his new work. If you don’t know who Christopher Lee is, do yourself a favor and head on over to his site The Beast Is Back. He has come a long way from what I’d call “fan art” to officially licensed work and big clients. If you’ve been to Target, you’ve probably seen his work.

Skeletor-Man is based on an illustration that Christoper Lee created for the Designer Con 2015 Weekend attendee badge. As you can see, it was an amalgamation of Skeletor and He-Man with an oversized head, befitting Skeletor’s ego and a tiny body, betraying He-man’s might.

Up until this point I had only painted existing toys and dabled in making small accessories. For this figure I experimented with styrofoam/expandable foam/apoxy for the head, cloth for the hood, wooden dowels for the armatures, sculpey for the body/limbs and card board for the badge.

Body Parts Curing
Skeletor-Man in front of Christopher Lee He-man Poster