the Comic-Bug Zine #3

Title : the Comic-Bug Zine #3 Rebirth
Format : Zine
Cover Art : Sable Nance
Stories & Art : Various
Editing : The Sketchy Bug Group
Publisher : The Comic Bug
14 pages (B&W and Color)

Edition Notes : First Printing Dec 2022. A collection of work from the Sketchy Bug Group, a collective of artists, writers and creators meeting every Wednesday at the Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA. The publishing of the ‘zine was graciously supported by the the Comic Bug.

Story: I wanted to introduce a new character concept for the ‘zines theme of “rebirth” and fabricated the return of a golden age comic property into main stream media of the future . Zomborg – Half Zombie, Half Robot, Humanity’s Last Hope!

Zomborg Reborn (Felix Yin)

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You can follow the Comic Bug at the links below.

If you’re interested in making comics please take a look at the group’s public facebook page to get engaged. Since the group has over 300 members, there are folks that have moved out of the Los Angeles area and perhaps are closer to you than you think!