Quickly My Children

Title : Quickly My Children
Format : On-line
Cover Art : N/A
Stories & Art : Felix Yin
Publisher : Self
4 pages (Color)

Edition Notes : On-line Release Sep 2022. The original story was submitted for an anthology but was ultimately not selected once the final artwork and dialogue came together. While I was disappointed, I wasn’t surprised. This comic was my first solo effort doing plot, artwork and dialogue so I knew there was a very good chance that it would not meet the standards of the anthology editor. But, I learned a lot from doing this and don’t feel ashamed sharing it with others. The two main actions I walked away with from this experience were (1) I need to write and read more so writing comes easier AND (2) I need to improve my efficiency in illustrating the more mundane day to day world. These are obvious things but definitely what I felt the most when I was creating this comic. I am looking forward to looking back at this in the future as a gauge for my progress.

Story: Two sisters explore a forbidden wing of their underwater sanctuary in search of instructions to repair the sanctuary’s failing life support system. In their quest they release a terror from which no knowledge can save them.

Quickly My Children – Page 1 (Felix Yin)
Quickly My Children – Page 2 (Felix Yin)
Quickly My Children – Page 3 (Felix Yin)
Quickly My Children – Page 4 (Felix Yin)