Felix Centennial – Trilingual (2019)

Felix Centennial – Trilingual original digital collage by Felix Yin 2019.
art by Pat Sullivan, Otto Messmer, Joe Oriolo, Unknown & Felix Yin

This is a labor of love that grew from my fascination with the organic/less refined early drawings of Felix The Cat in the late 1920s through 1950s. The collage consists of over 100 base images meticulously scanned, upscaled and corrected/revised over the span of 3+ years. The image was completed in 2019, just in time to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Felix The Cat.

Each language is presented with a unique collage of the 100+ base images so that no two letters are the same when looking across all three languages. For extra fun, and for those who are real Felix The Cat fans, I’ve added my own original artwork into the mix. Can you tell where?

The digital image is very high resolution and I’ve done a variety of print tests from 12 x 18 inches for the entire collage up to 8.5 x 11 inches per letter. I’ve been looking into printing this in large format on canvas, acrylic or wood… but perhaps, some more languages first?

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