Autumn Selection – Acrylic on Print (2014)

Autumn Selection – Acrylic on Repurposed Print by Felix Yin 2014.
art by Diane Romanello & Felix Yin

“Autumn Selection”, like “Eternal Lightzilla”, was inspired by street artists who are able to create whimsical visual art out of the everyday world around us. The underlying image was a large framed print of “Autumn Reflections” by Diane Romanello that was being discarded (frame and all!) by a retiring co-worker cleaning out their office.

Continuining the invasion theme, this painting transformers the quiet autumn lake vista into that of panic as aliens and robots prey on those planning to enjoy their time at the park. Again, for this type of repurposed painting I try not to match the style of the original painting. This forces the viewer to recognize the art has been drawn over and to question what is original and what is not. The title of the original work literally reflected the image but also the intended emotion of the viewer. Now the viewer is left to question, who is being selected for abduction, and why?