Aerospaced Kids – Acrylic/Digital (2019 – present)

This series of illustrations is inspired by Garbage Pail Kids and sprung from a simple acrylic painting started at a friend’s birthday party. With each new illustration I’ve tried new techniques and refined the card template. Though the original Garbage Pail Kids generally focused more on the character with some accesories and less on detailed environments, adding more details into the environment made it easier to personalize… and these were all surprise gifts for friends.

The first painting used the title “Gladiator Impaled Kids” because I tried to keep the name really similar to “Garbage Pail Kids”. Utimately you’ll see that I came up with an alternate title “Aerospaced Kids” which incorporates an astronaut’s head inspired by the first illustration.

While the the names are equally fun to come up with, I’ve removed them to protect the identity of the subjects… but it also makes it fun for you, the reader, to come up with some names!

Card NN1 (2019)

The Original Glow-In-The-Dark Acrylic Painting (No #) – Felix Yin (2019)

Card NN2 (2019)

The First Digital Illustration in Photoshop (No #) – Felix Yin (2019)

Card #24 (2021)

Refined Logo & Templates using Clip Studio (#24) – Felix Yin (2021)

Card #42 (2022)

Alternate Logo & Templates using Clip Studio (#42) – Felix Yin (2022)

Card #13 (2022)

First Horizontal Card using Clip Studio (#13) – Felix Yin (2022)

Card #1985 (2022)

First Card with Word Bubbles using Clip Studio (#1985) – Felix Yin (2022)